I now spend 1000 euros on advertising; I receive 50 requests per month.

This means that one request costs 20 euros. And what do you want?

I want more requests, but 20 euros is too expensive.

We will provide you with more requests and they will be cheaper. For this, we ask for half of the savings of your advertising budget per month.

How do we do this?


Analysis configuration

In order to determine the most efficient channel and the most effective triggers, you need to configure analytics and to collect statistics to increase sales. In order to identify usability problems, analysis is also required.


Connecting advertising channels

Advertising channel configuration (UTM marks), so that the statistics system can catch all parameters of adverts on different platforms. We prepare advertisements for ad testing.


Data analysis

After preparing the analysis systems and launching advertising campaigns, the analysis of the resulting site traffic statistics and the analysis of each advertising channel are required.

Analysis of advertising channels

When analyzing the statistics, we determine the most effective and ineffective advertising channels to reallocate the budget for a new wave of advertising properly.


After A/B testing, we analyze the statistics again and draw conclusions about the adequacy of our hypothesis. Whatever the result of the experiment is, we start all over again, until we get the best result.

Usability problems

When analyzing the statistics, we also reveal usability problems and formulate hypotheses for A/B testing in order to increase the efficiency of landing pages.

A/B testing

After hypothesizing for A/B testing, we prepare the pages amended and configure the analytics of the experiment. Then we run the test.


Cases iflori.ru
May 2016 September 2016
Advertising budget 150 000 280 000 Growth 186%
Visitors attracted 3 800 10 300 Growth 271%
Calls and signatures 260 870 Growth 258%
Call cost 576 321
I want the same

Client reviews

  • I thank SeoSa specialists for the service of complex promotion of our sites in the network. Every day we began to visit the sites on 65-85 % more visitors, which almost immediately had a positive impact on sales. And the guys did well, took into account all the wishes, and implemented them in a short time!

  • Carrying out PR-actions from the company can increase sales, but we faced another problem – contextual advertising. Addressed on the recommendation of the Manager of another company in SeoSa, and the return on invested in the "context" of money just nice drove into a stupor. Now for this service only in SeoSa.

  • Do I contact SeoSa for Performance Marketing service? This issue disappeared as soon as we got acquainted with the results of the company. Before contacting the company, most of the advertising budget just flew into the pipe, but now, thanks to the efforts of SeoSa specialists, the return on advertising has increased by 60-70%. It's fantastic!

  • We have been cooperating with Cepsa for a long time and have been fruitful, we ordered an advertising campaign from them, and we were not disappointed in the result. Now ordered SEO-promotion, so sales of the company increased by 140%. But the most interesting – all the work was done quickly, although the timing initially seemed unreal.

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