Example of usability audit of the online store (part 2)

Recall that this is the second part of a complete SEO audit, consisting of three parts. The first part of the "Technical SEO-audit" is here.

In this article we will consider the main problems that the user faces when ordering a product in the online sanitary ware shop svdd.ru. And also, how convenient is the location and form of presentation of the necessary elements and information for the potential buyer.

1. Contact information (address, mode of operation), a link to the contact page put in a prominent place, like a phone number.

Contact information and links to them should be posted in a conspicuous place2. Navigation through the catalog should be available from all pages of the site in any category of goods, for example, how the drop-down menu is made on the site dns-shop.ru. Now, to go to another section of the directory, you must first go to the catalog page and only then choose the category of interest.

3. Bread crumbs should be in one line. You need to set a limit on the number of output symbols for the names of goods and categories.

Bread crumbs take up too much space

4. Correct the button in the "Buy" block on the product page so that it does not "leave":

The "Buy" button block

5. The effect of static when scrolling the button block "Buy" is better to remove, because. There is no benefit from it, only it hinders viewing the content:

Remove the static effect when scrolling

6. When the product does not have a brief description, then there is a lot of empty space. Either for each product, fill in a short description, or fill in empty spaces with something else that is useful to a potential buyer.

A lot of empty space on the product page, when there is no short description

7. When you click the "Buy 1 click" button from the category, errors occur, although the data is not even filled in. The user is misleading and does not add credibility to the site.

Error, when clicking on the button "Buy in 1 click"

8. The header of the site takes up too much space in height, and overlaps the main in the store - the goods. The "Order a call" button needs to be removed and visually made different in order to unload the cap. Also, to remake the search, tk. also takes a lot of space. The cap should be made 2 times less in height than it is now.

The cap takes up too much space

The button "Order a call" should be done approximately in this version, and that when scrolling the page, it is always in sight of the user.

Kind of button "Request a call back"

9. When placing an order, if the user makes a mistake with entering the phone number code, then it will be difficult for him to understand what he was wrong in indicating the error in the presented form. It is necessary to designate the error more clearly, for example, "Incorrect phone number code" and make a red sign.

Error entering the number when placing an order

10. With a quick review of the goods, a useful block of links for payment, delivery, etc., leaves down, although it would be useful under the "Buy" button block. This needs to be corrected.

The button block moves at fast viewing of the goods

11. Mobile version of the site is extremely inconvenient to use. When you click on the menu in the upper left corner, the menu goes down. Navigation on the site in the mobile version needs to be changed.

View of mobile site version

Approximately, it looks like usability audit of the site of the online store, similarly it will look for the service site, because the user's behavior is based on the same principles. Next, we look at the third part of the audit, concerning semantics.